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Volume 6, Issue 48
Tuesday, October 11, 2005

In Traditional Asian Medicine, Autumn is the time of the metal element, which includes the Lungs and Large Intestine. For many people, this is the most difficult of seasons.  It is a time both of harvest, and a time of a closing down of energies in preparation of winter.  The annual plants of Spring and Summer have mostly gone to seed now, and await the rains of Winter and Spring to begin again their life cycle.  It is a time of dryness, typified by the hot Santana Winds that parch Southern California during this cycle.

The deciduous trees will turn colors and the leaves will fall.  For many it is a time when sadness and depression are at their worst.  The Chinese recognized this and assigned the emotion of Grief to the Metal element.

The function of the Large Intestine is to let go and eliminate that which is no longer useful for our body. So Autumn is a time of letting go, for like the trees, unafraid to let go of their old leaves, we can use this energy to let of of that which no longer serves us, be it old emotional baggage, stuff around the house that has been stored a bit too long and could serve others better, giving the yard a good clearing, or even letting go of jobs or relationships that no longer are beneficial. Perhaps most importantly, letting go of old grief, sadness, guilt and regrets, not only of the last year, but of all previous years. 

In Jewish tradition, this is a time to make amends and ask for forgiveness for any and all harm done to others in the past year. It is best of course to do this in person, but if that is not possible, then an effective way to do this is to write down that which you wish to resolve and let go of, and then, in a ceremonial manner, burn the paper.  If possible take the ashes to the ocean and give them away.  If you are not near the ocean, then release them into a moving river or creek, or just scatter them under some trees that are losing their leaves.

It is also a time of inspiration.  A time for breathing in the crispness and clarity that Autumn can bring. In a way, it is a time of renewal, for when following the wisdom of the Large Intestine, that of letting go, room is created to breathe in new inspiration. All empty spaces will be filled, so why not fill those areas that have been released with new and positive energy and potential.  Take a few minutes every morning to go outside and just breathe slow, deep healing breaths and watch the quality of your days change for the positive.

This is also a season when some degree of caution is necessary.  A hot day can give way to a cold night.  Many, accustomed to the warm nights of summer will forget the importance of taking along a sweater or jacket for the cold evenings of Autumn.  Though modern medical science denies it, traditional wisdom believes that this may weaken the immune system and make one more susceptible to a cold or flu. In this light, taking a good multi-vitamin, herbs to support the immune system, and extra vitamin C can be of great value now. Other foods that are of value are ginger, garlic, onions, and mint.

It is also a time to begin to focus on the inner world.  Spring and Summer are very external times.  Autumn and Winter are more internal.  A time for inner reflection, journaling, and especially more rest if possible. 

Acupuncture during this time can be of great benefit in helping one adjust and take the greatest advantage of these energies.  Each season has a rhythm to it, and acupuncture helps the body, mind, and Spirit adjust to these rhythms.  In Autumn, the focus of the acupuncture treatments when combined with the sound healing music I have created for my patients, can help one let go of the old and to make way for new and positive energies to enter your life. 

Blessings and Peace,


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October 16, 2005

We could all use an energy boost now and then, more grounding, a new direction in life, or relief from pain. The Topanga Healing Arts Association invites you to experience FREE, NATURAL HEALING sessions on Sunday, October 16, 2005.

Have you ever experienced Plant Spirit Medicine?  Jin Shin Jyutsu?  Group Acupuncture?  Cranial Sacral Therapy?  Reiki Healing?  Chi Kung (Qi Gong)?  Spiritual Counseling?  Reflexology?  Palm Reading? Alexander Technique?  Zero Balancing?

On Sunday, October 16, 2005, you’ll have the exciting opportunity to sample or re-visit all of these natural healing methods, and many more. Over 25 Certified and skilled Topanga health practitioners will offer their services, free of charge, at individual covered booths.  (Modest donations are welcome, but entirely optional.)

Free workshops and lectures will be presented throughout the day inside the Topanga Community Center. A partial list includes:  Group Acupuncture, Dowsing for Health and Harmony, Reiki and Self-Healing, Easy Tai Chi, Plant Spirit Medicine, Polarity Therapy, Vedic Astrology, and Cranial Sacral Therapy.  

Bring the family!!!! There will be several workshops for kids 5 and older (accompanied by a parent or guardian.)

And best of all, there will be a free performance by soundJourney at 4:00pm!

For more information go to www.thetopangahealers.com

October 21, 2005

soundJourney at The Regenesis Center

On  Friday September 23, 2005  a soundJourney will be held at The Regenesis Center, in Santa Monica. You can find directions on MapQuest.

The time will be from 8:00 till about 10:00pm. Doors will be locked at 8:15, so please be on time. The price is $25.00 in advance, and $30.00 at the door. To purchase a ticket in advance, please contact The Regenesis Center at (310) 581-2450.

November 15 & 16, 2005



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