Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Stress-signaling Fat Is A Culprit Behind Insulin Resistance 

Stress-signaling Fat Is A Culprit Behind Insulin Resistance: "A new study in the March issue of the journal Cell Metabolism, published by Cell Press, has identified a common link between multiple assaults on the body, including saturated fats, obesity, and certain types of drugs, all of which can lead to insulin resistance. The researchers found that these metabolic stresses lead to an upswing in production of a particular kind of fat molecule, known as ceramide.

Moreover, the researchers show, a treatment that blocks ceramide's synthesis markedly improves insulin response and prevents the onset of diabetes in obese rodents. The findings therefore identify ceramide as a target for therapies aimed at improving insulin response and blood sugar control, the researchers said.

'A collision of genetic and environmental factors has produced an epidemic growth of obesity and insulin-resistance rates during the last decade,' said Scott Summers of the University of Utah. As a result, he noted, some have even suggested that life expectancies may soon start to decline."

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